www.storefrontonline.ca - 108 Mile Supermarket, 108 Mile Ranch, BC
www.storefrontonline.ca - 108 Mile Supermarket, 108 Mile Ranch, BC
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We're A Store With A

When you shop at the 108 Supermarket, you will notice that the atmosphere is small-townish but the selection, quality, and service are first class! We see our job as providing you with the highest quality, best value shopping experience possible, and we work hard at it - every day of the week. It's a mission we take seriously, because we know that customers are the lifeblood of business.

We Are Selective.

Everything from our great selection of fresh meats to our fresh produce - and everything in between - is carefully selected with you in mind. Whether you live in our great community or are "on the road", we can help you with all your everyday supermarket needs.

We Keep Changing Things...For You.

We are always making improvements to our store and one of the most popular ones is a walk-in beer cooler. We also stock a fine selection of chilled wines, which is great for anyone who has guests on the way and forgot to put the wine on ice!

People Make The Difference.

A lot of stores sell a lot of things, but your most enjoyable shopping trips are usually memorable because of the people who served you.
Our staff members are well-trained & experienced, and are ready and eager to help you find the things you need. And they do it all with a smile!

Tour our Store!

We invite you to come and see us any day of the week, and by all means, feel free to see what we have in store for you by going to our Tour the Store page. See you soon!

F'Real Shakes, Smoothies, and Iced Coffees!

Lots of flavors including chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, strawberry/banana, mocha cappuccino, Reese, cookies 'n cream, s'mores, and mango or berry.

You make it the way you like it...it's easy!

Visit us to see our Instore Specials

The fresh stuff is fresh!

Our shelves are well stocked

Everything is easy to find